I help women like you grow their own freelance business as a Podcast Manager!

When I was getting started I really wanted to use the skills I'd already  developed during my career as an Executive Assistant and earn extra income as a side hustle. Podsquad Productions came to life.

I partnered with podcasters so they could grow their audiences, connect with their listeners spread their message and make a powerful impact. My type A personality, combined with my love for podcasts created an online business where I could swoop in, manage their to do list and save them time.

I love, love, love podcasts so when I became a Virtual Assistant, working with podcasters was a no-brainer.

Learn Smarter, Not Harder.

I really wished there was a framework I could've followed when I was just starting out. Instead I recreated the wheel, so to speak. But the upside of that is I get to share what I learned with women like you, so you can get there faster!

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