Nail Your Niche & Attract Your Dream Clients

Close your eyes and imagine running your own successful business. One where you work with your dream clients in an industry where YOU are the expert. Your clients lean on you & trust your judgement because you know them & can predict exactly what they need, even before they ask. 

Sounds pretty awesome, right?

This guide will show you how to discover your niche & get super clear on who you serve as a Podcast Manager. It's a gamechanger for your Virtual Assistant business! 


The “Must Have” Guide To Getting Clear On Who You Serve So You Can Attract Your Dream Clients!

Here's why this is so important and what you'll learn when you sign up (it’s FREE!):

When you have a business, it’s so important to know who you’re serving and how you serve them. Without that clarity, you’d be all over the place trying to help everyone but lacking the focus and expertise to serve at the highest level.

Picking your niche helps you answer the question, “Who do you serve?” It also allows you to dive deep into your clients’ world to understand the language they use, what their pain points are and what they need to succeed.

When you understand your ideal client through and through, YOU will be the go-to person to solve their problems! Translate: A full client list!!

To your ideal client, your services will continue to be offers they won’t be able to refuse because you fully appreciate their world and know how to navigate the issues.

""This guide helped me so much in building my brand online, and I'm able to use my expertise to establish credibility for my Podcaster clients. I feel confident that I know podcasters inside and out, so I know exactly how to help them. Kara breaks the process down so easily. Thank you so much!"

Podcast Virtual Assistant

A Note from Kara...

“Welcome! Since you already know you want to work with podcasters, this one is an easy win! Believe me, deciding you want to become a Podcast Manager is a huge accomplishment and it sets the foundation for everything that comes next. I’ve broken the process down to take out the guesswork and create a clear roadmap for you. Thank you for being part of the Podsquad community!"    -  Kara


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