Episode 2: Setting Boundaries in Your Business with Dani Craig

Setting and respecting personal boundaries is so crucial for any business owner who works with clients, even more so for those who work from home. And we often don’t take time to think through the implications of our boundaries until we are stressed out, close to burnout, or a combination of both. Dani Craig, co-founder of Blush House Media, knows just how to get you to make that essential move with your business, whether you are just getting started or already heavy in the daily grind and need help getting boundaries in place -- FAST.

Blush House Media offers project management and online business management services to women who wish to elevate their business. Dani shares how she started her business and her strategies for setting and resetting boundaries, sharing responsibilities, and managing them without compromising her personal life. Tune in for insightful tips on defining your yeses and nos, and creating a balance that helps you keep your business in the professional realm without having rigid policies that can turn clients off.


In this episode we discuss:
• How Dani and her best friend-turned-business partner, Chelsea, defined each of their roles in their company
• The values they set with Blush House Media: working with women who have a mission behind their business, adding women to their team as subcontractors and providing mentorship and donating each month to any organization that gives back to women in some way
• How not having boundaries in her company affected Dani’s personal life, bringing in guilt and unhappiness
• Strategies for setting boundaries at work
• When to assess and how to tweak the boundaries you’ve set

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About Dani Craig:

Dani Craig is the founder of Blush House Media, a company that provides project management and online business management services to women who wish to escalate their businesses. She is a girl mom to 2 (almost 3) girls and serves women wherever she finds herself in the world. After a recent cross-country move from Florida to California with her business partner, Chelsea, they have made it their mission to serve women who aim to serve others through their resources. By building friendships with those they work with and working dedicatedly together, they help turn your vision and mission more significant than you ever imagined possible!

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