Episode 3: How to Stand Out As An Indispensable VA with Trivinia Barber

Trivinia Barber, Founder of PriorityVA, knows EXACTLY what clients are looking for in hiring virtual executive support and in fact, she has created a successful business around it. When there are a lot of Virtual Assistants doing what you do, it is CRUCIAL to produce outcomes, not just be a “VA taskmaster” in order to stand out and set yourself apart. Adding a Virtual Assistant to the team is an important decision and the client wants to outsource who will be the best fit in every way for their business.

Trivinia joins me on this episode to share with us “behind the scenes” advice of why clients want you to understand the business that they’re in and the motivation of the Executive, establishing yourself as a Virtual Assistant by producing OUTCOMES and so much more.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • After many years as a sought-after Executive Assistant, how Trivinia started freelancing and landed big-budget clients for their projects.
  • Why her services are never about the money, but rather about creating a lifestyle and being able to provide for the family.
  • Sometimes serving means saying no and putting up a boundary for your work.
  • Learn the difference between a fractional EA and an Executive Virtual Assistant.
  • Hiring should be for passion, purpose, and proficiency and not for affordability, availability, and interest.
  • Learn the factors that decide how much you should charge from your clients.
  • Tips for anyone starting out in this field of work- be careful who you listen to, serve and show up at all times, and do not try to do all the work alone.
  • Communication is key- learn why it should be on point and given priority always.


“Finding clients to work with should come from passion, purpose & proficiency instead of affordability, availability & interest” - Trivinia Barber

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About Trivinia Barber:
Trivinia Barber is a real-world business development pro who helps entrepreneurs scale their business, sharpen their leadership, and build great teams. The key to Trivinia’s expertise is her proprietary framework The Momentum Method™, which helps businesses navigate the interplay between their products, people, and processes to achieve greater growth and more efficiency.

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